Below are some things we'll need for our trip. If you can bring an item, type your name by that item and we'll know it's been taken care of.
First Aid Kit:
First Aid Kit - bandaids, first aid antibiotic ointment, Clark (1)
3 rolls of Paper towels: (will get with food)
Camping Stoves with fuel canisters (as many as possible): Thacker (1), Hall (1) , Barrett (1)
Spatulas (4): Thackers (1), Hall (1),Barretts (1) Woodard 1
Slotted Spoons (4): Thackers (1), Hall (1) Woodard 1, Clark (1)
Large Spoons (4): Thackers (1), Hall (1),Barrett(1) Woodard 1
Sets of tongs (2): Hall (1) Clark (1)
Can Opener (2): Hall (1), Barrett (1)
Pots with lids (medium): , Thacker (1),Hall (1)
Frying Pans with lids (small and medium): Thacker (1) Hall (pan, no lid) Barrett
Medium to Large Cooler and ice for drink: Hall (Large Water Cooler w/Ice)Woodard 1
Large Cooler with ice for food:
Box of large trash bags: (will get with food)
Dish soap, 2 dish rags, 4 drying towels: Hall, Barrett,
Kitchen lighter and long matches: Hall (1), Barrett
4 tubs for washing/rinsing dishes: Thacker (2) Clark (1)
Folding tables (3 or 4): Hall (1),
Coleman Lanterns: Thacker (1), Hall (1) Woodard 1
Footballs: Clark (1)
Frisbees: Hall (1), Barrett
Soccer balls: Lamberts, Barrett
Decks of Cards:Hall (1) Barrett, Clark
Wet Wipes: Woodard
Tball Stand, Ball & Bases:
Large Canopy:

*Hand sanitizer, hand soap, utensils and paper products for dinner meals will be purchased with the food items.