Here's the planned menu. Please read over it.
If there is anything you prefer to eat or not to eat, please type a comment so we can adjust the menu for you.
We want everyone to enjoy their experience and that means enjoying the food you eat, too!

To make meal times more enjoyable for all, we'll need volunteers to help prepare, cook, and clean for each meal (on your own meals and group dinners!).
We'll also need volunteers to play games with the kids during meal prep time! Freeze tag, anyone?


Supper: On your own--hot dogs are easy or bring dinner with you!

Breakfast: On your own
Lunch: On your own
Supper: hamburgers, hot dogs; baked beans; S'Mores

Breakfast: On your own
Lunch: On your own
Supper: quesadillas: flour & wheat tortillas, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, black olives; black beans; corn; rice

Breakfast: On your own
Lunch: On your own

Cold cereal, pop tarts, bagels, instant oatmeal, instant coffee, etc. make great quick breakfast choices!
Stoves can be used for cooking breakfast, too. (eggs, sausage, bacon, etc.)
Sandwiches for lunch can be made at breakfast while all of the food is out. This will make life easier, especially if we're off site during lunch!

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